If you own a business that requires you to ship items to people, then you probably already know that shipping and all that it entails can be a huge hassle, one that consumes a large chunk of your daily time. There’s so much to worry about and plan for. Plus, when customers don’t get an item or there’s a delay, that’s a huge hassle for your business to have to deal with.

Fortunately, however, you can delegate a lot of these problems to someone else. The way to do this is to outsource your shipping. Employing a professional shipping company can give you and your employees more free time to devote to more pressing matters. If you’re ready to make this leap, just consider a few tips beforehand.

Provide Plenty of Information Upfront

First things first, before you start working with a shipping company, you will want to make sure that you inform the company on anything and everything related to your business. The shipping company should know your policies, what kind of products you sell, what special shipping considerations each item needs, any taxes that need to be considered and any other information you think is important for them to have.

The more your shipping company knows about your business and products, the better it will be to serve you and to keep your customers happy.

Stay Informed

If you do decide to outsource shipping, don’t distance yourself so much that you don’t know what’s going on.

Stay connected with your shipping service. Know how many items are going out each day, how many items are arriving late and other general shipping statistics. You should choose a shipping company that will provide this information to you automatically, and that wants to keep you in the loop.

The more you know about your shipping service, the more confident you can be that this service will help you meet the standards you’d like. A shipping service can help your business reach the growth and satisfaction goals you have set.

Keep Customers Informed

Just as it is important for you to know and be aware of what is going on with your shipments, your customers want to know this information too. Make sure that, even when you outsource shipping, you still provide a way for customers to easily check up on the status of any orders they have placed.

Some shipping companies will offer this information to your customers themselves, while others will require you to handle tracking and customer communications, you can choose whichever option you prefer. The important thing is just that your customers feel involved in the process and up to date on the status of their order or orders.

Follow Shipping Instructions

Before your shipping company can ship your goods out to customers, it has to receive them. Since you will typically be responsible for getting your goods to the shipping service, make sure you follow all instructions from the company carefully.

Depending on your products, your shipping service may ask you to send your items in a certain kind of box or request other specifics. This special container could protect your goods, or limit problems with customs, or anything in between. If you know you’ll be selling delicate items, ask your shipping service about which special containers they have available that will protect your goods.

Outsourcing shipping can be very beneficial and to make it as beneficial as possible, choose your shipping company carefully. First Star Logistics is a great shipping service that offers brokerage and trucking services. Contact First Star for more information or to give them a try yourself.