5 Ways To Successfully Market Yourself as a Freight Broker

A freight broker’s key responsibilities entail connecting shippers and carriers to arrange the safe and efficient transport of loads. In order to find shippers, freight brokers must market themselves. In fact, marketing is one of the most important aspects of a freight broker’s job. Let’s talk about the importance of marketing for freight brokers, how to market yourself as a freight broker, and how to start a freight broker career. 

Why is marketing important as a freight broker?

By definition, marketing is the practice of promoting and selling products or services. This can include research, advertising, and networking. These elements are key to freight brokers finding, connecting with, and building long-term business relationships with shippers. In some cases, shippers may utilize marketing collateral to select a freight broker from a handful of options. Alternatively, freight brokers may utilize marketing efforts to reach shippers who are unaware of their services and could likely benefit. Ultimately marketing is highly important for freight brokers because it helps them get customers and grow their business. 

How To Market Yourself as Freight Broker

Freight broker marketing can occur on a variety of platforms and channels. The most important thing is to maintain professionalism. This may seem obvious, but it is worth mentioning because it is very easy to get carried away, especially on the internet. However, shippers will consider your reputation to determine whether or not to work with you, so make sure you present yourself well. 


If your company has a website, make sure that it looks nice and is up to date. Feature your current services and offerings, and make sure there are not any broken links. If a prospective customer Googles your website and finds broken links and outdated info, they may reasonably conclude the company is neglected in other ways. If your company is not appearing on the first page of Google for the terms that apply to your business, consider partnering with a search engine optimization (SEO) expert to improve your company’s online presence. 

Alternatively, if your company does not have a website yet, make sure your Google page is up to date with hours of operation, services, and contact information. Make it as easy as possible for current and prospective customers to get information about your business and successfully contact you for freight brokerage services. 

Social Media

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok are excellent channels for connecting with new and existing clients. You can develop your freight broker brand identity, spread awareness, and keep your services at the forefront of shippers’ minds. Social media marketing can be as simple as connecting with other people in your industry and interacting with their posts. At the most basic level, you can like, comment, and share posts. If you want to be more involved, you can also create content that exemplifies your work as a freight broker, connects with customers, and possibly even entertains people who otherwise may not interact directly with your aspect of freight logistics. Social media is also a great place to shed light on your critical work which is often invisible to many people who benefit from your efforts. 

Customer Surveys

Many businesses provide customers with surveys to gain insight to the customer experience and facilitate direct communication to correct any issues that may arise. When customers report satisfaction in the survey, reply with gratitude and invite them to share their experiences publicly. You can invite satisfied customers to write a review on your company’s Google page. When customers use the survey to report issues that lower their satisfaction, you can address the issues directly with the customer and take the appropriate corrective measures. Using surveys as a tool to get feedback is a marketing opportunity because it allows you to cultivate and enhance your relationships with your clients. 

Online Reviews

Additionally, whenever customers write reviews on public platforms, it is a good idea to respond to every review warmly and professionally. Thank customers for their business and invite dissatisfied customers to contact you directly to resolve any issues. By engaging professionally with online reviews, you are crafting a brand image that communicates integrity, appreciation, and accountability. 


Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful tool. You can encourage customers to tell their colleagues about your services by providing incentives for those referrals. Keep track of referrals and provide the referring client with a discount or special gift to thank them for the positive recommendation. 

First Star Logistics Freight Broker Careers

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