Logistics Account Executive Job Requirements and Benefits

6 Benefits of Becoming a Logistics Account Executive

The freight logistics industry is full of many appealing, lucrative, and secure jobs. If you have a passion for leadership, communication, and sales, you may find yourself gravitating towards a logistics account executive position

Read on to learn everything you need to know about becoming a logistics account executive.  

What is a logistics account executive?

A logistics account executive is a logistics industry professional who combines sales skills and logistics expertise to provide freight and transportation solutions. A logistics account executive is responsible for identifying and converting potential customers into clients. They are responsible for creating and delivering sales pitches that are effective in transforming leads into loyal customers. Account executives maintain relationships with and handle transactions for VIP, B2B clients. Account executives are on the sales team, but they have more responsibility and flexibility than a regular sales associate. An account executive must be able to research leads, develop entrance strategies, qualify prospective clients’ transportation spend, and offer logistics solutions to various industries. 

How To Become a Logistics Account Executive

If you want to become a logistics account executive, you need to make sure that your education, experience, and skills set you up for success. 


Most logistics account executives, roughly 83%, hold a bachelor’s degree. Roughly 13% only have a high school diploma or GED. A small percentage, roughly 4%, hold a master’s degree. While a bachelor’s degree is the most common education level of a logistics executive, it is possible to become one without a higher education degree.  


Many account logistics gained experience through internships and sales associate roles. These positions are stepping stones that help professionals learn about the logistics industry and gain experience in sales. 


Those who work in executive logistics need to be skilled in communicating with many different people. As a logistics account executive, you need to communicate with coworkers, shippers, carriers, drivers, and many other supply chain stakeholders. Your communication skills will define your performance, so make sure you have the talent, and take the time to hone it. 

You also need to be highly organized. As a logistics account executive, you will manage high-stakes logistics for important clients. This involves overseeing many details in a thorough and timely manner, so organization skills are key. 

What are the benefits of becoming a logistics account executive?

The career of a logistics account executive offers many benefits. Some of the benefits, like high salary and job security, are widely appealing. Some of the benefits like creativity, collaboration, and flexibility are most attractive to the candidates who are most likely to qualify for the position and succeed in the role. Take a look at the benefits of becoming a logistics account executive to see if this career is right for you. 

1. High Salary

The average base salary for a logistics account executive in the United States is $68,564. On top of that, the average annual commission for a logistics account executive is $20,000. As you gain experience in the field and enhance your job performance, you can earn a salary around $130,000 per year plus a notable commission. 

2. Dynamic Work

The work of a logistics account executive involves handling multiple responsibilities throughout each day. Although the role is related to sales, it more closely resembles a project management position. The workflow is not repetitive or monotonous. In fact, it is dynamic and elicits a wide range of skills and capabilities. 

3. Opportunities for Creativity 

A logistics account executive needs to utilize creative problem solving skills to determine solutions to a variety of logistic challenges. There is plenty of room for professionals to utilize their unique insight and innovation. 

4. Collaborative Work Environment

Logistics account executives work with numerous people on each work day. Communications need to occur between other account executives, senior management, and sales representatives. Logistics account executives also need to collaborate with carriers, shippers, and many other individuals involved in the supply chain processes. 

5. Job Security

Companies are always looking for new and better ways to transport their goods, so the services of logistics account executives are always needed. Regardless of the state of the economy, your work will be in high demand. 

6. Career Flexibility 

With a career in the logistics industry, you can learn about many different types of transportation. As you learn more about the industry, you can gain insight into other roles and responsibilities. If you are looking for a change, there are many opportunities available to you. 

Logistics Account Executive Job Opportunities

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