What Are The Differences Between Account Executive & Manager

If you are looking for a job in freight logistics sales or customer relations, you have likely come across the terms “account executive” and “account manager.” If you are not familiar with these positions, their similarities, and their differences, it is important to learn more in order to determine which position is the best fit for you. 

What is an account executive?

An account executive is a person who identifies and converts potential customers into clients. Account executives are on the sales team, and they usually have more responsibility and flexibility than a regular sales associate. Account executives focus on relationship building and often handle business-to-business transactions. They are responsible for creating and delivering sales pitches that are effective in transforming leads into loyal customers. An account executive must be able to research leads, develop entrance strategies, and qualify prospects’ transportation spend. 

What is an account manager?

An account manager is a person who maintains client communications and satisfaction once a sale has been made. Although account managers are typically on the sales team, they do not directly conduct sales. Account managers learn about new clients from the sales team, participate in a warm hand-off, and work to provide the highest level of support for the client. Account managers usually have multiple clients and meet with each client regularly to ensure the service they are receiving meets their needs. An account manager must be knowledgeable about the goods the company ships and understand the geographic area of shipment. 

Differences Between Account Executives & Account Managers

Although both account executives and account managers play important roles in the sales team, it is important to compare account executive vs account manager to understand how the roles differ. Account managers and account executives differ mostly based on responsibility and focus. 


Account executives and managers are responsible for different aspects of the business of freight logistics sales. Account executives are responsible for identifying potential customers, generating leads, cultivating relationships, and bringing in new sales. Account managers are responsible for maintaining existing client relationships and keeping customers satisfied. 


Account executives and managers focus on different aspects of the business of freight logistics sales. An account executive focuses on making the initial contact with potential customers, courting the leads, and closing deals. They usually do not maintain contact with the customers after the sale is finalized. On the other hand, account managers do not have contact with customers until a deal is closed. Once a sale is made, the account manager focuses on maintaining the client relationship. 

Similarities Between Account Executives & Account Managers

There are a few similarities between account executives and account managers, particularly when it comes to the sales team, revenue, and relationships. 

Sales Team

Both account executives and managers are members of the sales team. Both roles play an important part in client interfacing and revenue generation. 


Both account managers and account executives have a direct impact on company revenue. Account managers maintain current revenue streams and upsell or cross sell to bring in new revenue. Account executives use creative outreach ideas and other strategies to bring in new revenue. 


Both account managers are responsible for taking care of relationships that are important to the business. Both roles must represent the company in a positive and professional light. They are both responsible for making sure clients think highly of the company. 

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