Benefits of Becoming a Freight Agent

The logistics industry is an indispensable part of society and daily life across the globe. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 10.1% of the U.S. Labor force is employed in the transportation and warehousing sector and related industries. For those looking to join the freight logistics industry, there are many jobs to choose from. Let’s take a look at one profession within the freight logistics industry that has a particularly appealing list of benefits. 

What is a freight agent?

A freight agent is a person who connects carriers and shippers to move freight. A freight agent works for a freight broker at a parent freight company. Freight agents handle sales and logistics in direct work with clients. Freight agents are the middlemen between companies and carriers. A lot of the job consists of finding jobs for truck drivers and finding truck drivers for shipments. They manage communications, ensure the freight is properly transported, and help companies optimize shipping costs. Freight agents need to understand the industry and work hard to continually improve their services. 

How To Become a Freight Agent

To become a freight agent, you need to be interested, take initiative, and possess the right skill set. The skills of organization, time management, and communication are key. A freight agent works with freight brokers under a parent freight company, and it is a good idea to partner with a logistics company who can provide the training, support, infrastructure, and connections necessary to embark upon the career. 

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5 Benefits of Becoming a Freight Agent

The career of a freight agent offers many benefits. 

No Formal Training or Education is Required

Anyone can become a freight agent because there is no formal training or education required. Most jobs require a four-year bachelor’s degree or more education to even be considered for an entry-level position. The job of a freight agent is unique in that you only need to learn the industry, use your skills, and build relationships in order to work and advance in the field. You do not need a fancy diploma or a mountain of student loans to prove your credibility. As a freight agent, you prove the quality of your work by reliably delivering shipments and communicating consistently. 

Minimal Start-up Costs

The only things you need to start working as a freight agent are a phone, internet connection, and a computer. You do not have to acquire insurance, licenses, or other infrastructural elements because the broker and parent freight company handle these elements. If you do want to invest in a system to streamline communications and delivery, you can elect to purchase a transportation management system (TMS). Before making this investment, check with your freight company because they may already have a solution you can deploy. 

Flexible Schedule

As a freight agent, you can set the hours you work. You aren’t paid on an hourly basis; you are paid based on the number of loads you cover. While the state of the market has a strong influence on the pace of business, you get to choose how, when, and what pace you work. 

Remote Work Option

Freight agents conduct most of their work over the phone or on a computer. In many cases, freight agents can choose to work from virtually anywhere with a strong internet and cellular connection. 

Many Profit Generating Opportunities

Motivated, confident, and skilled freight agents have unlimited opportunities for generating and increasing profits. There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn when working as a freight agent. 

First Star Logistics Freight Agent Opportunities

We are looking to expand our brokerage department by hiring enthusiastic individuals wanting a fast-paced career in the logistics industry. We empower you to succeed by allowing you to create your goals, networks, and make your own money. 

As a partner, you’ll work with our dedicated management team, whose main goal is to offer complete back-end support across multiple departments, allowing you to focus on one thing – growing your business. At First Star Logistics, our freight brokerage agent goal is to empower our agents to succeed. 

We want you to grow with us. Our training program allows you to start out as a trainee, or as an experienced broker. We provide the right amount of training for each individual. Our agents enjoy the highest commissions in the industry, weekly pay, proprietary software, potential sign on bonus with book of business, 24/7 agent support to allow you to be as productive as possible, and low customer saturation. 

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