Building a Strong Email Marketing Campaign as a Freight Broker

With over 40 years of proven effectiveness, email campaigns are time-tested marketing strategies that are still important today. Email marketing is an excellent way for freight brokers to guide prospective shipping customers through the sales process, from the first connection to every step of a loyal customer relationship. In this guide, we discuss the value of email marketing for freight brokers and share freight broker marketing ideas. 

Why is email marketing important to use as a freight broker?

Email marketing is essential because it offers a high return on investment (ROI). With email marketing, freight brokers can raise brand awareness, generate leads, and increase revenue. They can use email marketing to gradually take the shipper through the sales funnel while keeping the brokerage at the top of the shippers’ minds. 

What types of emails should be in your email marketing campaign?

To launch a successful email marketing campaign, it is helpful to understand the different types of emails when to send them, and who to send them to. Ultimately, the goal is to send the right email at the right time and to the right person. 

  1. Welcome Email – The first email sent to a prospective shipper is a welcome email. This type of email can be automatically sent when someone signs up for your mailing list. In terms of content, the email welcomes them to the list and tells them what they can expect from your emails in the future. To create a successful welcome email, keep the message short and sweet. 
  2. Invitation Email – The second email sent to a prospective shipper is an invitation email. This email can be automatically sent a few days after the welcome email. The message of the email is warm and extends an invitation to connect. The goal is to create a casual opportunity for the prospective customer to become more familiar with your brokerage, understand the door is open to discuss services and learn ways to stay in touch. Once again, keep this email short and sweet. Link to your website, social media accounts, and other ways the shipper can contact you. 
  3. Monthly Newsletter – The third type of email sent to a prospective or existing shipping client is a monthly newsletter. Monthly newsletters are the perfect places to highlight essential things with the business and provide updates on services, shipping lanes, partnerships, team members, specialties, and more. A monthly newsletter can also answer FAQs or provide insight into a specific area of work. It is still essential to keep this short and sweet. Consider using bullet points or lists. Link to your website, blog, or social media to continue a conversation on covered topics. 
  4. Promotional Emails – The fourth type of marketing email is a promotional email. Send promotional emails to announce big news, sales, significant updates, or time-sensitive changes. 

5 Email Tips for a Successful Freight Broker Marketing Campaign

  1. Keep it Short and Sweet – No one likes to get email spam or feel like they are getting spammed. To avoid this perception of your brokerage brand, keep your emails concise. Be direct and provide only the required information. If you would like to expand upon a topic beyond the email, write a blog or create a social media post and link to the content in the email.  
  2. Don’t Spam – Another word about spam. Spammy content is content that is too “salesy,” happens too frequently, or makes bold unreasonable claims. To avoid spamming your customers, get to know your target audience and put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Only send emails that suit their interests, needs, and preferences. 
  3. Focus on One Point – A long and complex email is unlikely to be read. Keep the content focused on one point to capture your readers’ attention and raise the likelihood they will read the entire email. Make it easy for the reader to understand the message and follow through on your Call to Action (CTA)
  4. Use Automation Tools – It would be impractical to send every marketing email manually. That’s why everyone turns to automation tools that allow you to create triggers to send out specific emails to specific people at particular times. 
  5. Send at the Right Time – The best time to email is in the morning or early afternoon. Sending at these times will raise the likelihood that the email is read and not lost amid a full mailbox. 

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