How Can a Freight Broker Provide Value to Shippers

No policy or rule stands in the way of shippers coordinating the movement of their freight. Shippers have access to load boards, shipper lists, and other tools to arrange loads. So why do many shippers turn to freight brokers to manage their loads? Like most aspects of business, it comes down to the bottom line and practicality. Freight brokers provide many advantages and substantial value to shippers. Curious about how a freight broker can improve your business? In this guide, we cover how a freight broker can provide value to shippers. 

1. Reduce Freight Costs 

As a shipper, how can you ensure you get the best rate? To get the best rate, you need to understand costs, keep up with market trends, connect with quality carriers, and skillfully and creatively negotiate. It is technically feasible to accomplish these tasks independently, but the required time will likely eclipse your primary business activities. On the other hand, freight brokers have access to an extensive network of carriers, and they can leverage the size of the network to find the best carrier for your load. They have the time and expertise to evaluate numerous criteria like the carrier’s experience, reliability, equipment, and costs. A freight broker can comparison shop on behalf of their shipping customers to reduce shipping costs without sacrificing the quality of the haul. 

2. Move Freight Quickly

When you have a strict deadline and need to get your load to its destination as soon as possible, a freight broker can come to the rescue. Once again, a freight broker’s Large network of carriers is an asset that allows them to provide Lots of flexibility in meeting the timelines of shippers. 

3. Handle the Demands of Traffic Management

If a shipper books a load with a carrier directly, the shipper has to handle tracking, timeline management, communications, and more, while also managing stakeholder expectations. Freight brokers excel at handling all of these tasks and provide the added value of extensive resources, specialized expertise, and industry insight. 

4. Provide Multiple Methods of Transportation

If you are looking to move freight efficiently, you will likely need to utilize more than one method of transportation. When you opt for multimodal or intermodal solutions, you must pay close attention to the contracts, distribution of responsibilities, communication requirements, and more. A freight broker can make this process easy by handling all arrangements. A freight broker can connect you with any trucking mode your freight requires, such as liquid, dry bulk, dry van, refrigerator, LTL, etc., and also manage rail, ocean, or air connections. 

5. Cultivate Strong Carrier Relationships 

For shippers, carrier relationships can make or break a business. It would be best to have a reliable, trustworthy, and cost-effective carrier to get the job done right. Freight brokers take the time to vet carriers and maintain strong relationships, and they can pass on many resulting advantages to shippers. 

6. Maintain Carrier Information 

When shippers handle load booking on their own, they must maintain information about carriers that details the licensing, insurance, regulatory compliance standards, and more. When moving a lot of freight, these administrative tasks can add up. Freight brokers handle all of the required documentation so that you can focus on your high-value business tasks. 

7. Proactively Address and Resolve Issues

It takes a lot of experience to know what to look for and how to troubleshoot effectively. The best freight brokers are always looking several moves ahead, practicing excellent communication with all parties involved, and staying up to date with news and market changes so that they can proactively address and resolve any issues that may arise. 

Freight Broker Jobs with First Star Logistics

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