Learn About Being a Logistics Sales Account Executive

How To Become a Sales Account Executive

The logistics industry is full of many types of jobs, and almost every single one is in high demand. If you are a skilled salesperson and you have a passion for logistics, the role of a sales account executive may be perfect for you. Before you fill out an application, take a moment to read about the sales executive position, qualifications, responsibilities, salary, and where to apply. 

What does a sales account executive do?

A sales account executive is a logistics professional who closes sales deals to acquire new shipping customers and serves the needs of existing shipping customers. They promote transportation services and solutions and negotiate shipping contracts, all while cultivating strong client relationships. A sales account executive is often the first person a client interacts with at a logistics company so they are responsible for making a positive first impression. 

Sales Account Executive Qualifications

In order to become a sales account executive, you need the appropriate education, experience, and skills. Let’s take a closer look at what that means. 


Most individuals who become sales account executives hold an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in communication, business, or a related field. A few individuals have master’s degrees. Although a higher education degree can provide valuable information and experience, it is not usually a requirement. A moderate and notable percentage of sales account executives only have a high school diploma or GED.


To become a sales account executive, you need relevant experience in sales and logistics. An internship or another entry-level position within the industry can provide you with valuable experience and insight to prepare you to succeed in this sales role. 


To succeed in this sales position, you need communication, negotiation, planning, marketing, and organization skills. The sales role requires strong interpersonal skills, creativity, and attention to detail. When it comes to details, it’s the small, personal things that can really make a big impact. Of course you need to be knowledgeable about your client’s industry, but you can go the extra mile by also remembering special things like the names of their pets or kids. Provided you have the logistics in order, the personable details can really set you apart from the competition. 

Sales Account Executive Responsibilities

Sales account executives hold a myriad of responsibilities within logistics companies. The responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Research leads, develop entrance strategies, and qualify your prospects’ transportation spend to generate new business partners and individual brand profitability
  • Present multiple modes of transportation to your customer base
  • Create a complete transportation and supply chain solution for each customer
  • Prepare rates and present solutions to prospective business partners
  • Gain lucrative opportunities to assist you in successfully meeting your individual and team goals
  • Dispatch to your carriers and properly update your loads within the transportation management system
  • Ensure all of your loads adhere to policy and procedure requirements
  • Consistently track and trace your freight movements from origination to destination
  • Take full responsibility for an occurrences along the route and solve them constructively and efficiently
  • Maintain contact with your carriers and other parties that handle the freight to ensure the shipper and consignee are aware of any issues or challenges that arise
  • Continuously develop your carrier base to allow for optimal solutions for your customers
  • Manage existing business accounts and continuously deliver the highest level of customer service

Sales Account Executive Salary

The earnings for a sales account executive come from a base salary and commission. The salary for an entry level sales account executive position is around $40,000 per year and the opportunities for commissions are unlimited. Most logistics companies provide 401k plus health, dental, and vision insurance. The opportunities for growth within the position are substantial. Experienced and skilled sales account executives can make upwards of six figures as they grow their own book or run their own office. 

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