Entry-Level Logistics Account Executive Duties

The title “Account Executive” sounds incredibly prestigious, and it is. But would it surprise you to learn that there are entry-level account executive roles? Well, there are! And in fact, an entry level account executive job is an excellent way to learn the logistics industry, particularly if you already have a background in sales. Entry level account executives are also referred to as junior account executives, and they play an important part in logistics sales teams. 

This guide explains entry-level account executive duties, benefits, and qualifications. You will learn what a junior account executive does in the freight logistics industry and how to become a junior account executive. 

What is an entry-level account executive?

An entry-level account executive is a member of the sales team at a freight logistics company. The role is full-position that merges the worlds of transportation and sales. They typically support associate and senior account executives, which makes this position an excellent opportunity to learn and grow. As a whole, account executives acquire new clients and maintain strong relationships with existing clients. Entry-level account executives take on these duties and typically answer to more experienced account executives as they learn the ropes. 

Entry-Level Account Executive Duties

The job of a junior account executive is dynamic. On any given day, you will likely interact with carriers, shippers, prospective business partners, fellow account executives, and many other parties. Entry-level account executives have a number of important job responsibilities that include:

Form New Business Partners 

As an entry-level account executive, you need to research leads, develop and execute strategies to connect with prospective customers, and qualify your prospects’ transportation spend. Your freight logistics company will likely establish sales goals and metrics that you need to meet. Achieving these sales objectives will lead to individual and branch profitability. 

Create and Provide Logistics Solutions

Your job as an entry-level account executive requires you to build a complete transportation and supply chain solution for your customers. You will present multiple modes of transportation to your shipping customers so they can choose the solution that best fits their needs. Achieving these objectives will allow you to gain lucrative opportunities that will assist you in successfully meeting your monthly, quarterly, and team goals and initiatives. 

Manage Existing Business Accounts with Consistently Excellent Customer Service

As an entry-level account executive, you are expected to dispatch to your carriers, properly update your loads within the transportation management system, and ensure all of your loads are following policy and procedure. You need to consistently track your freight movements from origination to destination, maintain constant with your carriers and shippers, take full responsibility for any issues that may arise, and resolve the issues in an appropriate manner. And finally, you need to continuously develop your carrier base allowing for optimal solutions for your customers

Benefits of Becoming an Entry-Level Account Executive

Becoming an entry-level account executive is a rewarding and growthful career decision for many logistics professionals. The benefits include: 

High Earning Potential 

The starting salary is typically around $40,000 a year, plus you earn commission on loads you book. As an entry-level account executive, the commission opportunities are endless. 

Dynamic Work

As an entry-level account executive, you will perform a variety of duties. You work both independently and in close collaboration with other transportation stakeholders. There is ample room for creativity and ingenuity. It is unlikely that any day will be identical to another. 

Many Opportunities for Advancement 

A job as a junior account executive obviously prepares you for a more senior account executive position. It also prepares you to advance within other areas of sales and logistics because you gain a strong understanding of both aspects of transportation management. 

Entry-Level Account Executive Qualifications

There are a number of qualifications needed to become an entry-level account executive. These include: 


  • A high school diploma or GED


  • Experience in full truckload business development 
  • Experience in an operational management role
  • Sales experience 

Skills and Qualities

  • Ability to work both independently and as a team 
  • Ability to assess and prioritize customer inquiries
  • Ability to succeed within a fast-paced environment 
  • Strong work ethic
  • Passion for logistics 

Can you become an account executive with no experience?

Yes! You do not need prior experience in both sales and transportation logistics to become a logistics account executive. Experience in either area is definitely a plus, but an entry-level position, particularly with a company that will set you up for success, is a great way to learn and grow in the field. 

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