What is a Load Board?

Shipping is a significant part of society. Nearly everything we use for business and daily life is transported by a truck at some point. An extensive network of communications, relationships, and negotiations supports the ubiquity of trucking logistics. This network of brokers, agents, shippers, and carriers needs a place to connect, especially online, and this is where a load board comes into play. This term may ring a bell, but if you are wondering, “what is a load board?” you are not alone. In this guide, we define load board, explain its purpose, detail the working principles, explain how to use it, and list the advantages. 

Load Board, Defined

A load board is an online marketplace to post and find loads. Sometimes referred to as a freight board or freight load board, a load board is a helpful resource for shippers, carriers, agents, and brokers to access key industry information, build connections, and solve complex logistics challenges. 

What is the purpose of a load board?

The purpose of a load board is to connect those who need to move freight with those who can do so. In this way, a load board is essentially a freight logistics matchmaking site that simplifies and streamlines finding the right logistics partners for the job. 

How does a load board work?

A load board is an online, listserv-style resource for industry stakeholders and professionals. Users need to create a profile and adhere to the guidelines and regulations established by the platform. There are a few different load boards – some are free to join, others require a subscription, and some are highly specialized for certain types of freight. 

The load board facilitates communication between parties, setting ground rules and outlining a negotiation framework. All participants are encouraged to post as much information upfront as possible to increase the platform’s efficiency and accuracy. The information shared on the platform varies based on who is posting but generally includes details such as pickup and delivery locations, type of freight, weight, equipment type and availability, rates, desired routes, destinations, or coverage areas. 

How To Use a Load Board as a Freight Broker

The first step in using a load board as a freight broker is to find the load board that is relevant to your coverage area and specialty if you have one. Sign up, subscribe, and log in to the website or app.

As a broker, you may be looking to find loads, find carriers, or connect shippers and carriers. If you want to let others know about your services, create a post according to the terms and guidelines of the specific load board. Include as much detail as possible to ensure the proper parties can find your services for the right jobs. 

If you are looking for shippers to fill a carrier’s availability or vice versa, search according to the criteria established by the parties involved. This may include pickup and delivery time frame, volume, type of freight, and many other criteria. 

7 Advantages of Using a Load Board

  1. A load board provides quick and easy access to shippers, carriers, and brokers.
  2. It streamlines connecting with the right people to get the job done. 
  3. Industry stakeholders can connect with large pools of shippers, carriers, and brokers through a load board, raising the likelihood that everyone can find what they need. 
  4. Shippers, carriers, and brokers can leverage load boards for efficient load finding and booking due to the advanced search capabilities, clear organization, and built-in framework for productive communication and negotiation.  
  5. Load boards open up the possibility for cost savings due to competition and room for negotiation. 
  6. Professionals gain access to industry insights to stay up to date with trends, changes in supply and demand, and market rate fluctuations.  
  7. Load board users unlock the flexibility to choose partners that can meet their needs because there are plenty of options and opportunities to find the right fit. 

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