What Skills Make A Successful Logistics Account Executive?

Logistics account executives are important leaders in logistics companies, drive business growth, and significantly impact the customer experience. Whether you are looking to become a logistics account executive or improve performance in your existing role, it is important to review the skills required to succeed. This guide shares the top 10 skills we look for in the best logistics account executives. 

1. Effective Communication 

For any career in sales, communication skills are a necessity. Logistics account executives must be able to effectively convey information verbally and nonverbally to prospect clients, close deals, partner with third-party vendors, collaborate with staff, and serve customers. Whether with groups or individuals, communications need to be respectful, appropriate, and timely. 

2. Interpersonal Skills

Proficiency with interpersonal skills such as emotional intelligence, active listening, patience, and empathy can help logistics account executives relate to others and form lasting, meaningful relationships. Professionals with strong interpersonal skills may find it more enjoyable and easier to work with clients and colleagues. These skills also help logistics account executives more accurately identify customer needs and quickly address any issues that may arise. 

3. Research

Logistics account executives must have the skills to research market trends, the supply chain, and sales opportunities. Research skill involves searching for, locating, extracting, organizing, evaluating, using, and sharing pertinent information. Research provides logistics account executives with the insight and data to make strategic decisions and drive business growth. 

4. Account Management 

The skill of account management is the process of maintaining the company’s relationship with individual customers. Account management involves customer service, sales, and renewal activities to ensure the business thrives. By sustaining customer satisfaction, a logistics account executive can ensure high renewal and referral rates that boost company revenue.

5. Negotiation 

Negotiation is the advanced ability to eliminate differences and reach a mutual agreement. Logistics account executives must be able to persuade clients to accept their proposal over that of the competition. Logistics account executives may also need to negotiate with distributors for better rates, work with shipping companies to provide updates to customers, and manage staff.

6. Digital Proficiency 

Many freight logistics companies use customer relationship management (CRM) software, content management platforms, social media, and task management solutions to increase efficiency, communication, and productivity. Logistics account executives need the skills to comfortably navigate this technology to perform tasks and communicate with others. Digital proficiency makes it easier for logistics account executives to market and advertise services via email and social media. 

7. Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking involves analyzing a situation and planning the most effective action. Strategic thinking also requires visualization and creative problem-solving. Logistics account executives can use strategic thinking to create compelling sales pitches, generate leads, and resolve customer problems. Problem-solving skills are particularly valuable because they can help logistics account executives proactively identify issues and develop unique solutions.

8. Time Management

For logistics account executives, time management is scheduling activities and directing focus and energy efficiently. Time management skills are especially valuable to logistics account executives because they often have time-sensitive tasks. Quick task completion and advanced prioritization abilities can increase the likelihood that a lead will convert into a loyal customer and that loyal customers will stick around. 

9. Collaboration

The skill of collaboration involves curiosity, humility, and openness toward others in the spirit of teamwork. Logistics account executives need to work well with others to maintain a positive work environment and accomplish goals. For example, a logistics account executive might work with the marketing team to design and implement a new lead generation strategy.  

10. Motivate Others 

Logistics account executives are leaders who need to be able to motivate others. The skill of motivation includes promoting positivity and inspiring others to take action. Whether a customer needs to complete a purchase or an employee needs to increase productivity, the ability to motivate will come in handy. 

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