Why Freight Customer Service Matters in Freight Broker Industry

Customer service is an art form. While there are many ways to describe and evaluate customer service, it really is something that must be felt to be understood. Businesses can follow specific guidelines and best practices to deliver decent customer service, but the special, unique, personal touches take customer service to the next level. All businesses must provide some form of customer service to survive, and businesses in the freight broker industry are no exception. There are plenty of ways freight companies can put their own spin on customer service to set them apart from the competition, but the reasons why customer service matters really do not change between freight businesses. In this guide, we break down the reasons why freight customer service is important. 

1. Relationships are Key to Success

Business relationships are the key to success for everyone involved in the freight industry. Freight brokers, in particular, rely upon relationships with many stakeholders – carriers, shippers, and many other professionals involved in the supply chain – to conduct their day-to-day tasks. Customer service is the cornerstone of these business relationships. It is a significant part of forming new relationships, sustaining contacts, cultivating loyal customers, and resolving any issues that may arise. 

2. Issues Commonly Arise

The supply chain is rife with challenges, many of which cannot be entirely controlled or prevented by those in the freight industry. These challenges include severe weather, material shortages, geopolitical events, and more. Plenty of minor things can monumentally impact the supply chain and freight logistics operations. A significant part of a freight broker’s job is to look out for, prevent, and address any issues that may arise, and issues are inevitable. To smoothly and efficiently manage the myriad of difficulties, freight brokers rely upon customer service skills like communication, respect, responsiveness, honesty, and timeliness. 

3. Need to Grow the Business

Freight brokers are responsible for connecting shippers and carriers, arranging for the transportation of loads, and managing hauls in progress. Freight brokers also play a huge role in growing freight logistics businesses by researching and prospecting leads, vetting carriers, gaining insight into the needs of shippers, and creatively solving logistics problems. A solid customer service approach will make every one of these tasks much easier and more successful. Take lead generation, for example. Robust, attentive customer service streamlines lead generation and conversion because leads will come to you as your customer service reputation spreads. Positive customer service experiences inspire word-of-mouth marketing that will shape your reputation and attract customers to your services. 

4. Leverage for Negotiation

A significant part of a successful negotiation strategy is to build strong rapport, credibility, and trust. While negotiation may seem quite distant from customer service, the moves a freight broker makes in customer service experiences will impact the outcomes of negotiation efforts. Quality customer service contributes to your advantage when negotiating because customers will be more likely to understand that their best interests are your top priority. 

5. It’s Just the Right Thing to Do 

Customer service matters because it is one of the many essential ways businesses can show customers kindness, courtesy, and appreciation. While customer service is great because it translates to business growth, success, and profit, let’s not overlook that it is simply the right thing to do. Treating others with decency and respect creates a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved and makes the world a better place. Additionally, by providing quality customer service, freight brokers demonstrate responsibility for their valuable roles in the supply chain and validate the immense value their services bring to their customers. 

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