What is Drayage in Logistics?

Drayage in Logistics

The term “logistics” refers to the process of managing how goods or resources are handled and transported. Logistics involve many carefully coordinated operations. One important step in logistics is drayage.

Intermodal Trucking: A Simplified Guide

What is Intermodal Trucking: A Simplified Guide

Nearly every product that you can see right now resulted from a complex series and web of logistics that involve the global supply chain. Raw materials, component parts, and finished products all need to travel.

How to be an Intermodal Truck Driver

Truck Driver

To become a truck driver, a person needs to graduate high school or get a GED, pass their state’s standard driver’s license exam, complete professional truck driving training, earn a commercial motor vehicle license (CDL), apply for truck driving jobs

How to Become a Freight Broker


Freight transport is one of the top industries and is critical to industries worldwide. A freight broker plays an important role in freight transport. Being a freight broker can be a lucrative, fulfilling, and flexible career.

How to Become a Freight Agent

Freight Agent

To become a freight agent, you need a customer base, relevant experience, an office, a computer, a phone, and eagerness to own your own business. A freight agent works with freight brokers under a parent freight company.