8 Steps For Finding The Best Freight Broker For Your Business

With the right freight broker, your business can take advantage of many benefits, including lowering freight costs, reducing empty miles, moving freight quickly, proactively addressing issues, and more. But how do shippers find the best freight broker for their business? There are many factors to consider and many options available on the market. To simplify the process, we created this guide that outlines eight essential steps to finding the best freight broker. 

1. Understand What You Need

In what ways does your shipping company need help? The logistics industry has many different professionals and services, including freight agents, freight carriers, 3PLs, 4PLs, and more. A freight broker is a licensed professional who serves as an intermediary between carriers transporting cargo and shippers with cargo that needs to travel. A freight broker maintains relationships with a vast network of national and international carriers so that shippers can access the truck and trailers required for every load. Shippers benefit from the freight broker’s network, ability to negotiate, and the freight brokers entirely manage fine-honed problem solving skills as any shipment routed through a freight brokerage. 

2. Verify Licensure

Freight brokers must be licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to provide shippers logistics services legally. It is quite a process to obtain a freight broker license, and shippers must verify licensure before accepting the services of a broker. Before considering any other qualifications, ensure that the freight broker is licensed and the license is current. 

3. Prioritize Flexibility 

For shippers, flexibility is critical. When searching for a freight broker, look for professionals with extensive networks, strong creative problem-solving skills, solid communication skills, and excellent agility. Brokers with these skills can apply their resourcefulness to your benefit. 

4. Consider Cost-Efficiency 

Shippers always seek to reduce expenses; a freight broker is your best resource. But be advised that sometimes cutting costs can rack up higher expenses in the long run. Can the freight broker get you the best deals without sacrificing the quality of services? While it usually costs more to get the best quality, the best freight brokers will know how to negotiate a great deal and ensure you get the results you need at the right price. 

5. Consider Brokerage Focus and Experience

By now, you are likely aware that not all freight brokers are the same. Sometimes freight brokers focus more on regional zones, and sometimes freight brokers cover a wider area. If you want to ship across borders and overseas, look for a freight brokerage offering multi-modal or intermodal transportation options. Additionally, look for an experienced freight broker or an emerging freight broker in a supportive company. 

6. Simplify the Process

When you partner with the right freight broker, they will make your life much easier and add immense value to your business. So, look for a broker who simplifies shipping your goods. To get a sense of the freight broker’s style, ask about the process to tender loads. How long does it take to process a carrier request for a shipment? How are issues addressed and resolved? Additionally, look for freight brokers who maximize the ease of tendering through great software solutions, streamlined communications, and solid business relationships. 

7. Research the Reputation

Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful tool. It is a great way for excellent freight brokers to get more business, and it is a great way for shippers to learn who to work with and who to avoid. Make connections with fellow shippers and learn about their experiences. They will likely know who to trust and who may not be a reputable broker. Researching the reputation of freight brokers will help you understand what they are like to work with and how they handle shipper relationships. 

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