Shippers List for Freight Brokers: Definition, Effectiveness, & Benefits

As a freight broker, finding new shipper leads can take a lot of work. Terms like load boards and shipper lists often come up, but what do they really mean? In this guide, we define, evaluate, and discuss the benefits of shippers list for freight brokers. 

What is a shippers list for freight brokers?

A shippers list for freight brokers is a directory of sales leads, list of carriers, or both. Freight brokers who work for logistics companies have access to proprietary software and carefully developed internal shippers lists. Independent freight brokers can create their own shippers list or purchase one from a software company or other provider. Shippers lists are commonly provided as Excel documents or dynamic software platforms. 

A shippers list typically contains the following details:

  • An advanced search engine to organize leads 
  • Contact names
  • Phone numbers 
  • Email addresses
  • Number of employees 
  • Business addresses 
  • Product types, including SIC and NAICS codes
  • Credit scores 
  • Company website
  • LinkedIn page

Shippers lists may also contain information about carriers that includes:

  • Coverage zones
  • Lanes
  • Certifications 
  • Carrier identification number

Load Board vs. Shipper List

Shippers lists are sometimes confused with load boards and lists that shippers use to find brokers or carriers. A load board is very similar to shippers list as we have defined above in that it contains information about shippers and carriers. However, a load board often differs from shippers lists based on access. A load board is accessible to participating members who may be shippers, brokers, or carriers. Shippers can post loads that need to be moved, carriers can find loads that need to be moved, and freight brokers use load boards to connect shippers and carriers. 

Are shippers lists for freight brokers effective?

Whether or not shippers lists are effective for freight brokers depends on the quality of the list. High-quality shippers lists are excellent tools for finding shipping customers and carriers, but what factors define this standard? 

Complete and Accurate Information

Outdated or incomplete information can slow down business dramatically. It is annoying to find a carrier only to realize the phone number needs to be added or the contact listed has left the company. The best shippers lists have all pertinent details, and all the information is accurate. 

Thoroughly Vetted Contacts

Every logistic professional knows that there are plenty of unreliable and unreputable carriers and shippers. The highest quality lists only include shippers and carriers that have successfully made it through a rigorous review process. A vetted list provides freight brokers with an added layer of protection and confidence. 


Freight brokers can waste hours pouring through shipper lists without search features and filters. Intelligent searches and filters can help freight brokers segment leads, find appropriate carriers, and optimize time use.  


If every freight broker in the country has access to a shippers list, it is no longer a valuable resource. The best shippers list are proprietary, show shippers with low saturation, and are only available to a limited network of brokers. 

5 Benefits of a Shippers List for Freight Brokers

1. Improve Efficiency in Finding and Booking Shipments

For freight brokers, time is money. A shippers list helps brokers quickly and easily find and book loads. With a quality list, shippers can trust that the carriers and shippers are reliable and dedicate their time to finding the best fit for the service. 

2. Reduce the Costs of Finding and Booking Loads

A crucial part of business growth is reducing the cost of doing business. It can be time-consuming and costly to spend hours researching and compiling shippers and carriers lists. With a trusted shippers list, freight brokers can decrease the time spent on business development and immediately begin the process of booking loads and making money. 

3. Improve Customer Service

A quality shipper list can help freight brokers deliver quality customer service and professionalism. The carriers on lists are more likely to be reliable, and brokers can use lists to prepare for conversations with shippers. Shippers lists are a valuable tool for developing a relationship of trust that leads to loyal and repeat business.  

4. Increase Visibility

Shippers lists give freight brokers insight into available shipping options. They can compare carriers, rates, and delivery times without contacting individual carriers. This helps freight brokers provide quick and accurate quotes. 

5. More Control Over Shipping Process 

Shippers lists give freight brokers the freedom to decide who to contact. Additionally, shippers lists give freight brokers the time and resources to develop business strategies based on industry insights that would be difficult to gather on their own. 

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