How To Stay Up To Date With Trucking News

Whether you are a driver or freight agent, staying informed about trucking news is essential. If you have been in the industry for a while, you probably already know where you prefer to get your news. If you are new to the industry or looking for more options, it may be hard to know where to start because there are many ways to stay informed. We created a list of trucking news sources to make your search easier. 

Why is it important to stay updated with trucking news?

Before we dive into our offers and recommendations for trucking news sources, let’s touch on why it is crucial to stay up to date with trucking news. Whether you are a freight agent, driver, or another industry stakeholder, you may need the information to help you monitor threats, manage costs, and keep supply chains running smoothly and reliably. 

Trucking companies, in particular, face challenges created by economics, regulations, geo-political events, technological innovations, and natural disasters. Company leaders must stay updated to navigate the market, make business decisions, and keep employees safe. On top of that, staying updated with trucking news helps companies Create accurate pricing, improve asset utilization, and lower emissions. It is vital to follow reliable, transparent, and in-depth sources that provide information backed by data. 

Trucking news does not have to be entirely serious. Connecting with the trucking community, celebrating holidays, and having fun are also important! 

10 Ways To Stay Updated on Trucking News

We can help you stay up to date with some First Star Logistics resources. We publish on many channels so you can receive updates and stay in touch with fellow trucking industry professionals in your preferred format. We also include on our list industry-specific news organizations. 

1. First Star Logistics Blog 

In our blog, we cover everything you need to know about having a successful carrier in the logistics industry as a freight broker, freight agent, truck driver, and logistics account executive. We also take a deep dive into industry concepts like intermodal vs. multimodal transportation, drayage trucking, 3PL, 4PL, asset-based carriers, OTR trucking, cartage, and more. 

2. First Star Logistics Videocasts

Sometimes freight industry professionals like to let loose with some sports entertainment. Dave Lapham, a former professional football offensive lineman for the Cincinnati Bengals, hosts our freight broker videocasts. Dave leads sweepstakes, interviews athletes, discusses NFL drafts, and more. 

3. First Star Logistics Freight Broker Videos

Our freight broker videos spotlight community events, share exclusive coverage of our company and provide insight into what it is like to be a part of our team. 

4. First Star Logistics Twitter

Through our Twitter account, @Firststarlog, we share updates on community events and sporting news and celebrate special occasions with our community. 

5. First Star Logistics Linkedin

Through our Linkedin account, we share opportunities to join our team, celebrate holidays, announce freight broker promotions, and announce sweepstakes winners! 

6. Freight Waves

Freight Waves is a News source for the entire freight transportation industry. It is a Trusted supplier of global supply chain market intelligence that provides Real-time information, forecasts, and data. 

7. Heavy Duty Trucking

Heavy Duty Trucking is an Extensive trucking news source that dates back to the early 1900s when it began documenting rapid changes in the movement of goods throughout America. Now the readership is primarily executives at commercial truck fleets and truck and trailer dealership managers. The news outlet covers equipment, fleet management, safety, and ELDs through Newsletters, webinars, HDTs headline news, blogs, video, whitepapers, and more. 

8. Transport Topics

Transport Topics covers Breaking news, publishes podcasts, runs Transport Topics Radio on SiriusXM, and creates the Newsmakers video interview series. 

9. Overdrive Magazine

Overdrive Magazine Started in 1961, covering and supporting owner-operator truck driving businesses. Now the publication covers custom rigs, equipment, trade, regulations, and gear through a website, newsletter, social media, and a free subscription to a paper copy of the magazine. 

10. Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ)

CCJ covers news, equipment, business, tech, products, blogs, reviews, and tech information through a website, newsletter, and free paper magazine subscription. 

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