What is a Logistics Account Executive?

What does a logistics executive do?

A logistics account executive uses sales and logistical knowledge to provide transportation and cargo solutions. The job includes marketing transportation and logistic solutions to prospective clients, generating new leads, coordinating logistics for allocated clients, communicating with customers and carriers, and offering logistic support to a variety of industries. Relationship building is an important part of everything a logistics executive does to cultivate leads and connections, close sales, and provide excellent customer service. In many circumstances, a logistics account executive is the first person a potential customer will encounter at a logistics company, so it is important that they portray themselves and represent the company with the highest standards. 

Logistics Executive Qualifications


If you want to become a logistics account executive, you need to consider the education required to succeed in the career. Most logistics account executives hold a bachelor’s degree, a small percentage of logistics account executives hold a master’s degree, and a small percentage of logistics account executives only have a high school diploma or GED. A bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, management, or a related subject will provide the most pertinent education for the role. 


Individuals who excel as logistics account executives have previous professional experience with logistics, shipping, warehousing, and other similar activities. Many logistics account executive job postings require applicants to have prior experience as a logistics sales associate. 


In order to perform the responsibilities of the logistics account executive job, individuals need to have strong sales, leadership, organization, and negotiation skills. Because the position requires a substantial amount of work with other people in a variety of dynamics, logistics account executives need to have strong interpersonal and managerial skills. 

Logistics Executive Responsibilities

A logistics executive is a principal person who is in charge of cultivating and maintaining clients for the company. As such, they have many important responsibilities that pertain to executive logistics, including: 

  • Identify and contact potential clients.
  • Promote logistic services.
  • Negotiate contracts.
  • Maintain assigned accounts.
  • Assist customers with a full range of logistics services.
  • Create and implement logistical services sales strategies. 
  • Use appropriate technologies to improve logistical service delivery and communication.
  • Meet sales goals. 
  • Evaluate corporate processes, assess risk, and make recommendations for company improvement.
  • Respond to customer complaints.
  • Creatively devise effective solutions to challenging logistical problems.
  • Identify client needs.
  • Establish the appropriate method of freight transportation that meets cost and timeline goals.
  • Collaborate with departments within the company to improve logistics services.
  • Work with carrier agents to arrange the details of shipment and transportation.
  • Create and maintain a strong carrier network.
  • Supervise the sales team.
  • Document processes.
  • Prepare executive reports.

Logistics Executive Salary

According to Glassdoor, the estimated total pay for a Logistics Executive is $63,480 per year, with the top earners making around $230,000 annually. The total pay includes a salary that typically starts around $40,000, plus additional incentives such as commissions and bonuses. The salary, commission, and bonus amounts can vary widely depending upon many important factors, including education, certifications, skills, experience, and the success of the individual and overall company. Most logistics executive jobs also include benefits such as 401k plus health, dental, and vision insurance. 

The Benefits of Being a Logistics Account Executive

For the right person, the job of a logistics account executive offers many benefits, including:  

  • The starting salary is high. 
  • There are significant incentives for additional pay, like commissions and bonuses.
  • The position offers a great amount of flexibility and possibility for job growth. Professionals can grow substantially within the position or use the valuable experience to move to other roles within the logistics industry. 
  • The work of a logistics account executive is dynamic. The role consists of a myriad of responsibilities, so every day is unique. The work is not repetitive or mundane. 
  • There is room for creativity within the profession. Logistics account executives get to use their skills to solve complex problems that require innovation. 
  • No matter how the economy fluctuates, the job is secure. Logistics account executives provide essential services to clients who are continually seeking new ways to transport their goods, so their expertise is always needed. 

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