Freight Transportation Brokers: What is Freight Brokerage?

It is crucially important that your cargo travels with only the most reliable transportation. The survival of your business depends upon high quality freight transport. With so many transportation options available, how do you even begin to formulate the best solution? It can be overwhelming and intimidating to try to navigate the world of freight logistics and find the best method of transportation for your load. Instead of making dozens of phone calls and struggling with complex logistics arrangements, many companies trust freight brokers to handle all of their shipping needs. 

But what is a freight brokerage and what can a freight broker do for my company? Read on to learn all about freight broker services, freight brokerage responsibilities, why you should partner with a freight brokerage, and what First Star Logistics can do for your enterprise. 

What does a freight brokerage do?

A freight brokerage is the intermediary between carriers who transport cargo and shippers who have cargo that needs to be moved. A freight broker maintains relationships with a vast network of national and international trucking companies. This allows freight brokers to provide shippers with the truck and trailer capacity needed for each and every load. Shippers benefit from the freight brokerage’s wide network of carrier relationships. Shippers who work with freight brokers save time because they do not have to spend time selecting and coordinating a carrier or sequence of carriers. Any shipment routed through a freight brokerage is entirely overseen by the freight brokers. 

Freight Brokerage Responsibilities

Freight brokerages conduct many different activities, but there are two key responsibilities. 

  1. Selecting Carriers

One of the most important responsibilities of a freight broker is to cultivate a network of reliable, trustworthy, and high quality carriers. The vetting process includes assessing the carrier’s authority and insurance status, areas of expertise, field of operation, pricing structure, performance history, and more. Not every carrier delivers the same quality of transportation services, and the quality of the freight brokerage services hinge largely on the performance of each carrier. It is critical that freight brokers carefully and thoroughly evaluate carriers before adding them to their network and throughout their relationship. Furthermore, carriers may have specific zones of operation or specialities, and it is important that freight brokers assemble a roster of carriers that can collectively service every aspect of the logistics services they need to provide. 

  1. Managing Shipments 

Once a freight broker has an extensive network of reliable carriers, they can begin moving freight. The primary responsibility of a freight broker is to arrange the journey of a shipment from beginning to end, no matter what it takes. Whether you need to move freight across town, across the country, or overseas, a freight broker’s job is to arrange the most optimal solution. The logistic coordination tasks can include, but are not limited to, scheduling pickup appointments, relaying in-transit updates, providing recovery options when something goes wrong, and more. Freight brokers also collaborate with co-signers to arrange deliveries, help their customers lower costs, and optimize their supply chain operations. 

Why should you partner with a freight brokerage?

Partnering with a freight brokerage provides companies with many advantages. A trustworthy freight brokerage will take care of your freight like it is their own, and they will provide transparent communication throughout the entire process. 

By skillfully handling the complex logistics of shipping freight, freight brokers make their customers’ lives easy. If you are looking for an expert partner to handle all of your shipping needs, a freight broker may be exactly what you need. Delegating your shipping logistics to an outside expert can free you up to focus on your own key business processes. Many businesses find that the capacity, reach, expertise, insights, and value freight brokers provide help them reach new levels of efficiency and business growth. 

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If you determine that your business requirements align with the capabilities of freight brokerage, the next step is to choose a logistics partner to add to your transportation network. To ensure the best possible fit, consider the freight brokerage’s size, communication style, capacity, reliability, and performance record. It is best to work with a trusted logistics provider with a long history of strong performance. 

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